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Strasbourg (France)
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Conseil Européen des Détectives
European Council Of Detectives

And Private Investigators




SWITZERLAND (Near to Geneva)

JUNE 8,9 and 10 2007


  • UNIQUE. For the first time since its birth in 2000, the European Council of Detectives will hold its annual meeting in Switzerland.

    Next June 8th and 9th, the 6th annual European Congress of Private Detectives and Investigation specialists will take place at the Hotel du Parc in Martigny, in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

    During these two days, more than two hundreds investigators from all over western and eastern Europe, as well as Canada, USA, Mexico and Israel will meet around two main topics of burning actuality: Economic Intelligence / the Detective in Europe.

    During the meeting, European Ministers, European congressmen, Swiss parliamentarians and political figures will be present to give their view of our profession in a world in a permanent evolution.

  • Except the fact that the meeting will be held for the first time in Switzerland, the organisers have wished to give a special light to the event. First, they decided to set it in the magnificent landscape of the Swiss Alps, a few miles from the famed Matterhorn. It’ll give those professionals of observation the private investigators are the opportunity to admire the natural, cultural as well as culinary marvels of our area.

  • On Saturday afternoon, Swiss detectives will meet in order to give birth to a national association of investigation specialists. Regional organisations already exist. But the necessity to reunite a majority of investigators of all three linguistic areas of the country becomes increasingly necessary.

    The future unique penal procedure code will be effective in a very few years. It will represent an unique opportunity for the Swiss detectives to organise themselves under a single code of ethics, and a powerful representation towards the lawmakers and the Secretariat of the Economy, in order for our profession to be, at last, recognised as such with clear professional rules, chosen and accepted by themselves.

    So, we are glad and proud to invite all European and Swiss Detectives, to meet in Martigny for a Congress that’ll remain a unique experience in the history of our profession.

    JUNE 8 and 9 2007


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